Bosch 8 kg Fully Automatic Top Load WOE804D2

  • Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines are ergonomically friendly and provide great wash quality
  • 680 rpm : Higher the spin speed, lower the drying time
  • Number of wash programs – 8
  • 8 kg : Great for family of 4
  • 2 year full warranty + 10 year motor warranty

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If your current washing machine is giving your clothes a dull and faded look then it may be time to get yourself a new one. This Bosch washing machine gives your clothes a royal treatment, thanks to its PowerWave Wash System which features an innovatively designed pulsator. Making it even more desirable is its One-touch Start button which chooses the optimal wash programme depending upon your laundry load.

Product Description

Use this Bosch Washing Machine to ensure that your clothes get the wash that suits them best. It is equipped with a PowerWave Wash System that gives your clothing an efficient wash and a Magic Filter which is effective in removing lint from your clothes.

PowerWave Wash System

Bosch has combined an innovatively designed pulsator along with a dynamic water flow system and an efficient drum movement, which together result in a Power Wash. This system gives your clothes a great wash, thereby giving you great wash results.

Soft Closing Lid

A hard closing lid makes a lot of noise and can harm the frame of your machine in the long run. This Bosch washing machine comes with a Soft Closing Lid that ensures a gentle and silent closing of the machine’s lid.

One-touch Start

This intelligent Bosch washing machine can automatically select the optimal wash programme depending on the load of your laundry.

The Hot/Cold Fill

For optimum fabric care, this Bosch washing machine allows you to choose between hot or cold water for washing your clothes. This helps you to ensure that your clothes are being washed keeping in mind their soiling condition.

Magic Filter

This washing machine has a Magic Filter to ensure that it collects any and all residue (lint) that your clothes may shed during the wash cycle.





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