Philips RL 118 3 Band Portable FM Radio

  • Type: Portable
  • Tuning Type: Manual
  • power cord included
  • In built rechargable battery

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Nothing can replace the joy of listening to old songs on an FM radio on a lazy Sunday morning. This FM radio from Philips does not just give you great sound but also has a very stylish look. Tabletop With a sturdy design, the radio can conveniently be placed on a table or any flat surface next to you while you hear songs from Picture Pandey. Telescopic Aerial This radio is built with a telescopic aerial, so no matter whether you want to hear the news, an entertaining show or your favourite old songs, you can enjoy distortion-free sound quality. Built-in Rechargeable Battery The fact that the radio is battery powered means you can even carry it outdoors. The FM radio works on two R6 type batteries. However, the radio can also be connected to a power cord when you are indoors and have access to electricity. Manual Tuning The radio has a self-tuning feature that lets you change stations and browse through different radio stations with ease.




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